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How to proofread an essay: Tips to follow

Your essay should be checked at least twice after writing it. Many students choose to do this paragraph by paragraph, while others do so once all the info is written. Whichever method works best for you, here are some ways to proofread your essay more effectively.

Take it slow

You can easily miss mistakes if you read your sentences as if you know how they are going to end. Assuming too much will lead to a low quality paper filled with errors your teacher is sure to pick up. Rather say each word out loud as you check your sentences. Work on scrutinizing every word instead of the sentence as a whole.

Once you’ve done this, you can check the whole paragraph one more time by reading the whole sentence at a normal pace. Using a slower method to proofread your essay will also help you pick up homonyms that have been used incorrectly.

Constantly check you content against your topic

After proofreading a paragraph, take a quick glance at your topic title one more time. Does the paragraph match what you’ve promised your reader? Make sure your content is on track with your topic. It is so easy to veer off without even noticing.

Change your environment

Wherever possible, proofread your paper somewhere other than where you wrote it. A change of scenery after a short break will clear your mind and help you to look at your work with new eyes. Your surroundings will have a big influence on changing your mindset when it comes time to proofread your essay.

Swop essays with a classmate

Speaking of fresh eyes, why not ask a classmate to check your essay while you check theirs? You’ll get some insight into another style and be able to make corrections after seeing how it was done by someone else. Your classmate will also look at your paper from a different perspective and notice errors you may have missed.

View your paper in its physical form

If possible, print your paper out before proofreading it. Doing your proofreading on the computer is not as effective as having it on a piece of paper in front of you. Take a red pen to the physical version of your essay and use that to edit the virtual copy when you’re done. This will give you a lot more of a bird’s eye view on how you’ve performed.

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