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How to compose an expository essay topic: 3 great suggestions

When writing an essay some would argue that the topic is the most important part of the process. When you think about it, the topic is much more important than most people give it credit for being. If you choose the right topic than you can bring passion that you already feel into your work. This shows up on the page more than you think. Passion for your topic gives the whole essay a heir of vitality that it might not have if the topic you choose is boring or unimportant to you. The topic is the key to a good essay but how do you compose the right topic?


  • Think about what you love
  • Talk to friends for ideas
  • Pick a topic that fits the essay

What you love

When talking about something you love and have passion for. That passion shines through in the writing. The essay will be better if you have an interest in what you are saying. If you truly believe what you are talking about than so will everyone who reads it. Passion is the key to writing well. Make a list of topics appropriate for the essay at hand that you have a passion for and start there.

Talk to friends

Discussing topics is always a great idea. Collaboration can help you come up with ideas that you would never have thought up on your own. You can hear ideas that may not have come to you but that now sound perfect for your essay. You could do the same favor for your friends as well in the process. Talking to a group can help ideas flow and give everyone a great idea that they otherwise never would have come up with at all.

Pick a topic that fits

How many words or pages long the essay has to be should affect your topic directly. If you only have to write 500 words then you wouldn’t pick a broad topic with pages of information. More importantly, if your essay requires a thousand words then you would need a topic broad enough to meet that requirement. Your topic should be as broad or as narrow as it needs to be. The topic is paramount. Picking the right one is important and can be difficult. The best topics can also be the most allusive for you. All of these tips and hints can help you to pick the right one for you and your assignment. Best of luck to you!

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