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Consider new ways in which you might use technology to foster new connections and seek information and advice

Only several decades ago our life our life was a lot simpler, but way more complicated at the same time. There was no internet, no cell phone, no e-mail, therefore, finding information was talking longer than it does today (and this is not talking about finding the needed contacts). Then came an era of IT technologies, which allowed us to make a huge leap forward in terms of globalization, information availability, connections, etc.

When new technologies as cell phone, internet, e-mail became available they first contributed to the connections between people, and, thus, globalized the whole planet. Now getting a needed message from one person to another could not be easier, and requires only a single click. And with an introduction of social media interacting instantly became a regular part of our everyday life. Nowadays we prefer digital communication to the live one, which is not entirely a good thing, but it makes it more convenient to talk to others (especially on distance), seek advice from friends, or professionals when you need it. Via this media people can not only message, or chat, but also use it for sharing ideas, look for specific information, doing business.

Browsing for information required a lot of effort a decade ago, but now everything can be simply googled, or found on-line in various databases; and the amount and variety of information that can be found is enormous, everything from cooking to putting together a nuclear reactor. Practically nothing in our world is unknown anymore, and can be learnt by everyone, who has an internet connection.

Another pros point of new technology is the ease with which business can be done. In the past two decades the business market has switched from the standard model of selling a good/service to a customer nearby, to a market, where almost everything can be bought by almost everyone without paying any attention to the location either of a good/service, or a customer. Of course, this was possible in the non-internet times as well, but such deals were taking weeks or even months to carry out.


New technology has overall influenced the life of all people in the world. Not only seeking information, doing business became simple; new technology has affected the way people interact with each other. A lot of people say that progress can be destructible, and in way it certainly is, but progress is beautiful in terms of making our lives easier, bringing comfort and prosperity to everyone.

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