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To Kill a Mockingbird Character Conflict

To Kill a Mockingbird is a Pulitzer Prize winning novel authored by Harper Lee. The novel features several conflicts with one main conflict having the most attention. This conflict is between two people: Tom Robinson and Bob Ewell. Robinson is accused of raping a woman who is the daughter of Ewell. A prominent attorney in the state of Alabama, Atticus Finch, works to prove Robinson is innocent. Robinson is African American and Ewell is Caucasian. The color differences alone spark controversy and tension that is felt throughout the story.

Robinson claims he is innocent but tension from the townspeople make this aspect difficult to focus on at trial. The trial and the storyline altogether gave an idea of how much tension and confusion there was during this time between whites and blacks. For some, the trial meant white people’s words were better or higher than blacks. Few black people actually felt this was why Robinson was found guilty. The white woman who took the stand lied about what happened, but white people began to show racism after she made her comments. White people seemed to be split down the middle when testimony was made. This was because the supposed victim was known to make comments about other races that made her look hypocritical.

Another conflict in the story included Bob Ewell and Scout and Jem. In the story, Ewell attacks Jem and Scout from behind (Jem and Scout are son and daughter of attorney Finch). The children were walking home from school when it happened. Boo Radley later comes and helps the children by killing Ewell. The kids along with the reader get a different perspective on the Radley character toward the end. Radley was somewhat of a scary and mystery character that saw the world differently than most other characters in the story.

Atticus has a conflict with himself. He is asked by the judge to represent Robinson; he doesn’t want to because of the situation he doesn’t think he will have a fair chance at trial to win. It is important for him to take the case to show his kids what to do and to stand for what he believes in. Overall, To Kill a Mocking Bird shares views readers can relate to, with many wondering what they would if they were in similar situations.

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