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What is a process essay and how not to fail writing it?

A process essay is designed to explain how to do something for your reader. It is a step by step guide as to how to complete a task. The writer in this case is seen as a professional who is teaching the reader how to accomplish a certain goal. The process essay can be written about any topic from “riding your house of fleas” to “creating a statement of cash flow”. The best way to approach this type of essay is to choose a topic that you are familiar with or one that you know how to do. Your job in this type of essay is to walk your reader through the process so they can complete it by themselves. It explains how to perform a task much like this essay will show you how to write one and not fail.

  1. Create a plan
  2. This plan is to include what you will need to discuss and should be formatted much like an outline. It should list the main steps in the process as well as any information as to how to complete them.

  3. Create an introduction
  4. It is important when writing a process essay to come up with a strong introduction. It is essential that you reader trusts you enough to follow your instruction. The reader needs to feel like you are an expert in the field and that they can trust the advice that you are giving them. They should want to follow your advice because you are portraying the fact that you are an expert in the matter.

  5. Create your thesis
  6. Every paper should include a thesis and the process essay is no different. It is the purpose for writing the paper and it will be the phrase or sentence or idea that you are trying to prove.

  7. Body paragraph
  8. Determine three or more reasons why you support your thesis. These will be your body paragraphs that tell how to perform the act in question.

  9. Editing process
  10. One step that should not be skipped is the editing process. It will be where you will ensure that you haven’t skipped a step and that every step is done properly to create a great process essay.

You will be looked at like an expert in the area that you are writing about so take it seriously and do not give false information.

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