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Where To Find Narrative Essay Topics For Middle School Students

Every student at some point will have to do a narrative essay as an assignment.  This can start as early as elementary school but mostly are done by middle students.  A narrative essay is a little different than other ones.  While others you do have to a quite a bit of research with others, this tells a story about your self, which has meaning and could be use to convey or support an idea.  But where can you find good ideas for topic for you paper if you have to pick your own.

Where To Find Topics

The easy way to find ideas for topics is by doing a simple Google search; this will give you a ton of ideas to start with.

If you teacher gives you a list of topics to choose from, you want to think about which one do you have a story for that can tie into your topic?  This will make the writing process easier.

You might want to also search for samples of other papers written by middle school students online, to help you pick your topic.

Tip On Writing

Once you pick you topic, you want to make sure that you topic fits what you so is about.  You don’t want to lose the reader because you picked a topic that has nothing to do with your story you will be telling.

If you are having trouble finding a topic that fits you, don’t be afraid to ask for help.  I’m sure you teacher will help you narrow down and pick a topic that is right for you.

As with any paper, make sure you proofread and edit it well.  Handing in an essay that is unreadable because of errors is a good way to lose the reader and get a bad grade.

Make an outline before you start writing the story.  This will layout all of the part that you are going to cover and help you fill in the holes in you essay.  This is a great way to stay organized and show you what the reader will be reading before you start to write.

And lastly, have fun with it.  This type of essay is not only less stressful but telling a story about yourself can be fun.  This kind of essay shows you a different way to look at something that happened to you in the past that might have had significant that you never even realized.  

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