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Advice on Academic Writing: Paradise Lost Essay Topics

“Paradise Lost” is a poem by John Milton that has been the inspiration for many academic papers. The book was first published in 1667 and is considered not only Milton’s major work, but helped him become one of the greatest English poets of all time. The story offers a lot to debate in academic papers with its focus being the story of the Fall of Man.

Discussing the Hero in “Paradise Lost.”

  • Many scholars who study “Paradise Lost” debate as to who the hero is Milton’s publication.
  • Writers can define their interpretation of a hero and why they think this interpretation applies to selected characters within the book.
  • Actions and characteristics can also be brought into focus when discussing the hero of the title.

Looking at the Change in Adam and Eve After The Fall

  • It is told within the book that Adam and Eve became knowledgeable about good and evil after the Fall. Does this mean that God created human beings as amoral beings?
  • It can then be discussed  that if we were not created in God’s image, where we in fact created as a consequence of the Fall?

The Moral Dilemmas of the Reader

  • Here, the reader can use his or her own moral conscious as a point of discussion for their academic paper.
  • Despite the black-and-white outlay of God being good and Satan being evil, reading between the lines can unearth more to think about.
  • “Paradise Lost” does not necessarily portray God as a nice person, and the reader could find himself or herself reluctantly rooting for Satan.

Discussing Whether John Milton Was an Anti-Feminist Writer

  • This is where the focus of the writing is shifted to the author himself. There have been debates arguing whether or not the author was anti-feminist based on what was written in the book.
  • In book nine we see Satan influencing Eve, as he is aware of Adam’s intellectual superiority.
  • Another example can see Eve as malicious when she is deciding whether to share the fruit with Adam.
  • Another viewpoint that can be taken is that Eve is seeking autonomy.

John Milton’s Goal

  • Milton’s reason for writing the book is spoke of in the opening passage, in that he wanted to justify the ways of God to men.
  • Discussions in this regard can be to discuss what the ways of God to men actually were.
  • The writer can also discuss whether they felt Milton achieved his goal with his writing.

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