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For every person, building their own home to live in is their greatest dream, and the reason for their pride. A home is not only an integral piece of someone’s life, but also their most prized possession. That is why people take special care when entrusting a company to build their dream house, right out of a fairy tale. With eight years of trusted and well earned experience under its belt, Lucan Property is the type of company that you want to approach for all your housing related issues. Armed with the passion to gift you with the home you wanted, and the experts who make it happen, Lucan Property specializes in everything related to housing—from pre planning to overlooking the construction process.

Their services are divided into three broad categories:

Custom Homes: For those who want their houses to reflect who they truly are, Lucan Property offers excellent, state of the art, personalized service by experts who will help you through initial consultation services, getting required permits and even overlooking the construction and management process. Just log on to their website and you can easily get an estimate price for whatever service you are looking for.

Multi-Unit: For people who have a piece of land and do not know how to go about their plans with it, Lucan Property offers a spectacular Multi-Unit service. Right from finding you the most suitable architect, to getting your land and soil tested, to obtaining the essential licenses are permits for whatever you might be planning to build, Lucan Property has officials that will make it all possible. In fact, they are even able for you to consult with them on the nature and future of your property. The company will resolve any queries you might have about zoning, money or land.

Renovations: It doesn’t matter if you do not want to build a new home, and instead want to jazz up your old one to give it a makeover. Lucan Property has the essentials to make it all happen. The company has hired the best of the best to work out what will be the best for your house—whether the colors have to go, or the windows have to stay. Their high end designing and renovation solutions will turn your house around in no time, so you don’t have to feel like you are living in a cave.

In a field like real estate, where the stakes are risen with every new home, Lucan Property presents itself as one of the best and most efficient options. From personalized one on one services, to intricate details like feng shui during interior designing, town planning and building approvals, to even providing feasible and acceptable estimated duration for completing the projects, Lucan Property is one of the best housing options available for those who want superior quality work, a delightful and satisfying customer-company interaction and a long standing rapport with a trusted company in order to resolve any issues that arise.

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