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Coming Up With Outstanding Essay Topics In Political Science

Political Science is an extremely interesting yet complicated subject which has its roots deep into the soil. Almost all issues are directly and indirectly related with the government. Any kind of political activity and the behaviors of the politicians have the potential to make huge changes in systems which in turn becomes great determining factor for managing power and the resources.

If you are a political science student and are looking for striking essay topics, following ideas can be highly useful. Check them out-

  1. How the intricate structure of political institutions is potent in destabilizing the political stability of the country?
  2. How political structure can stimulate collaboration between various social groups that compete with each other?
  3. Is it right to say that the political parties incur huge benefits from each of its individual members? How?
  4. Can our country survive without political parties or are they an integral element of contemporary political systems? Support your statement with appropriate examples.
  5. What are the chief factors that determine political violence in countries like Sri Lanka, Northern Ireland and South Africa?
  6. What are some of the common determinants that are liable for creating political instability?
  7. What keeps any political party united? Conduct a debate if political parties are performing their functions well?
  8. Which approach is better-the general approach- the behavioral revolution, post behavioral critique or the neo-institutionalism approach?
  9. What is the history of political science?
  10. How politics is responsible for increasing terrorism?
  11. How political dependency and development are inter-related?
  12. Throw light on our electoral system?
  13. Discuss between Presidentialism and Parliamentarism. Cite differences and similarities between them.
  14. How gender differentiation can be evidently seen in political system too?
  15. How totalitarianism, Authoritarianism and Semi-authoritarianism are different from each other?
  16. How leadership and decision making are interlinked? Should leader offer power to others to make decision?
  17. How Idealism and Liberalism, Realism and neo-realism are inter related and different from each other?
  18. Why rivalry and conflict are common part of our political system? How interstate war becomes heightened form of deteriorated political system?

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