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Composing an Outstanding Essay Conclusion Sentence

The way you conclude your essay is as important as the introduction. The final paragraph must be perfect to boost the readers’ positive impressions of your work. A good conclusion can overshadow some minor mistakes and weaknesses, so it pays to fully invest yourself into writing it. Use the following tips to create a truly outstanding conclusion:

  • So what?
  • This is the question that many readers may ask when studying your work, so you must be sure to answer it in the concluding paragraph. In short, this section of the paper must stress the significance of your research, and explain how it affects the field of study in general.

  • Go beyond summarizing.
  • It is important to restate your thesis and main ideas of the paper in the conclusion. However, simply writing a short summary will be boring and unoriginal. Go beyond this and synthesize a completely new way to stress the points you mentioned in the paper and show them from a grander perspective.

  • Provide the readers with some “thinking material”.
  • Every piece of research must be significant in that it teaches people something. You need to be careful not to introduce any new ideas in the conclusion, but you have to direct people’s thoughts in the right direction. Show them that there is more to be learned in this field. The most successful research paper author motivates people to follow in their footsteps, and further their study to uncover new facts.

  • Challenge the readers.
  • This is a very good strategy that will help you direct the reader’s attention to the problems covered by your research. This can help readers apply the seemingly abstract information from your paper to their own lives, and see it from a new perspective.

  • Establish a sense of closure.
  • It is essential to wrap up every plot line of your paper in the conclusion. Upon reading it, the audience shouldn’t feel as though there should be something more. Every question must be answered, and the overall idea should finalize the work in every sense.

  • Do not apologize.
  • Any doubts and insecurities expressed in the conclusion can completely ruin the readers’ perceptions of the whole paper. You must sound confident and sure of every fact and argument used in the work.

  • Avoid cliché phrases, like “in conclusion”, etc.
  • These overused expressions lower the stylistic value of your writing. Do not forget that good grammar and diverse vocabulary are essential for every academic paper.

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