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A List of Interesting Social Issues Essay Topics

At the risk of stating the obvious, social issues are important now more than ever.  One could easily use advances in technology as an example of an interesting social issue. Technology has arguably played the most significant role in making the world a far different place then it was as little as ten years ago. From the internet and social media to the growing popularity of drones and other equipment used for monitoring the actions of others, technology has given people all over the world not just a voice but the ability to see what is happening on another continent in real time. The point is the world has become a smaller place with bigger issues. Here are just a few of them. Although it was close between a possible pandemic and jihad, terrorism gets the nod over Ebola.


  • This is an issue that is more real than it is interesting. Real scary, actually.
  • Al Qaeda, ISIS, and Hamas are, if not the most dangerous, certainly the most well-known terror organizations the world has become aware of.v
  • Discussing how governments worldwide will face this serious threat is a valid essay topic, especially since the powers that be still don’t have a solution.

Sticking with the theme of life-threatening issues, the most notable is Ebola.


  • The WHO (World Health Organization) has issued statements to the effect that its resources have been stretched too thin and is overwhelmed trying to both treat those stricken with Ebola, as well as contain the outbreak from spreading even further.
  • The ability of African governments to seal their borders has proven to be unsuccessful as some of those infected have traveled abroad and heightened the threat of the contagion becoming global.
  • This is just another example of a worldwide issue that can affect the entire population.

Looking towards Europe, specifically Eastern Europe, the issue of pro-Russian separatists backed by the Russian military in Ukraine is yet another example of a smaller issue that has gained the attention of people and governments worldwide.


  • As Ukraine tries to continue its fledgling sovereignty and strengthen its ties with Western Europe, pro-Russian forces are doing everything in their power to limit Ukraine’s involvement with any country other than Russia.
  • Despite denying any involvement with the pro-Russian soldiers, it is no secret that Vladimir Putin has designs to swallow up Ukraine once again.
  • This is extremely important, for if Putin succeeds in annexing more of Ukraine, the map of Europe will look much different and possibly create another Cold War.

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