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What Are Some Good Research Topics for Essays

As a former student and now learned professor, I can tell you one thing from all my experience--- to write the best essay and one for which the writing wil seem to flow from your pen, take something that fascinates you or that you’ve always wanted to learn more about. This will make the research and writing of the essay a joy instead of a task you put off over and over.

If you’ve always wanted to learn what those post-modern pictures of lines down the canvas, or a splash of green paint on a white background, get you some books on “understanding post-modern art” or find some articles from reliable and respected art and art history sites and see what the art historian scholars say. The reality of this topic is fascinating to learn about and you will now be a post-modern art scholar.

If you’ve always been fascinated by music theory (the way the theorists help you understand the movements of a Beethoven symphony, for example), to understand on a deeper level the wonderful short stories of Ernest the mysteries of the universe, how luminescent fish glow in the dark and why, how animals like fish change into startling colors to adapt to the environment around them, how feral pets revert back to the wild when placed in nature -- anything that you’d like to learn more about should and can become a topic of fun and discovery for you that you can then write about.

If you want to go with topics about current issues, just watch news shows that you enjoy. The weekend news programs have a great summary of the weeks’ events and type of newscast that gives you a great overview of topics of interest in a very relaxed and interesting manner.

Here are some great essay ideas for you to get started with:

  1. “Twittering Machine” : Understanding Klee’s Disturbing Mechanical Bird Painting.
  2. The Symbol of the River in Hemingway’s “Big Two-Hearted River”.
  3. Save the Polar Bears: What We Can Do About Global Warming Now .
  4. Who Wants To Be Killed By a Driver LOLing? : The Menacing Continuance of Texting and Driving.
  5. Has Going Green Gone Black?: Why Researchers are Saying to Stop Going Green.
  6. Why are Some Obvious Killers Set Free: Does Our Justice System Really Work? (think O.J., Casey Anthony . . . )
  7. Why Does Angela Jolie Get All Our Tax Dollars?: Are Celebrities in the United States Paid too Much and Where Does the Money Come From?
  8. What to Do About Students and Cell Phones in Class? Are Kids Even Learning any More?
  9. Should we Lower the Voting age to Sixteen?
  10. Childhood Obesity: A Frightening Epidemic.
  11. What Behaviors Now Will Help Ensure a Successful Life Later.
  12. Does Going to College Guarantee Success.
  13. Good Study Habits for Future Scholars.
  14. The Wonderful Profession of Teaching: Why I Want to Become a College Professor.
  15. Bloods and Crips Still Gang Bangin’: Why are Gangs So Pervasive in the U.S.?
  16. Should Every Student Be Required to Participate in an Exchange Program?
  17. Is Technology Moving to Fast?
  18. What is the Future of Mankind: Will We Live to See Robots?
  19. Life On Mars: An Ever-Increasing Possibility.
  20. Why I’m Choosing to Study to Become a _________________(insert your dream major and future occupation_________________.

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