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Who Can Help Me with Religion Essay Topics


So, you are writing an essay on religion but struggling to find a good topic for yourself. The first thing to remember is that the more the topic interests you the better you can write on it. Also, a good thing to keep in mind is to make sure you can meet the word requirement or page requirement using this topic as you consider each potential topic. Every time you think of a topic use those two criteria to ensure the topic is the right one. When having trouble finding a topic on your own there are still plenty of options at your disposal.

Where to find help

  • Your teacher
  • A priest or other religious leader
  • The internet

Your teacher

The teacher who gave you the assignment is always a good person to ask when you get stuck on topic choices. They have heard it all and know a lot of good ones. Also, they know what they are looking for so they should really be your first resource on this. They may not want to give you a topic though. They may want you to find your own. But don’t worry there are still plenty of options.

A religious leader

Another options would be to ask your personal religious leader or maybe just the leader closest to where you live. In school they had to come up with topics and for their talks with their congregations they need to come up with topics once a week for sermons and things like that. They should be quite knowledgeable and why not go straight to the source?

The internet

People post lists of good topics for all kinds of subjects on the net. There are many people’s different opinions on what good topics are and even on what makes a good topic. Searching the net you may find lists of hundreds of topics allowing you to write down the ones that you like and dismiss the ones that you don’t leaving you with plenty of topic options.

When you have your list of possible topics in front of you this is a good time to narrow it down. Eliminate any topic that you don’t believe will be long enough or will be too long for the essay you have to write. Also the topics that you are passionate about usually make for the best possible essays. Try to keep that in mind when choosing.

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