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How to choose complex process essay topics to make your writing easy?

Easy homework is what every student wishes for, isn’t it? If there was a way to spend less time on doing your assignments but still get good grades on them, you’d probably take it. If you think about it, having a complex process and plan ahead of time can actually make things easier. It might not seem that way at first, but if you make an outline and have your topic well researched, you can actually make writing an essay very easy. Keep reading for details and tips on how to do this.

Even when you have lots of other homework to do, you can get your essay written well and with little effort. If you’re not the type of person who likes to plan ahead or make outlines, don’t worry because it’s easy to learn. Just because the process seems difficult or complex doesn’t mean it is.

Finding an Essay Writing Process that Works for You

The most important thing is getting your topic ready. There are varying opinions on what makes some topics easy or others hard, and it really depends on what you already know. For example, if you’ve taken physics classes before, then you’ll have much less trouble writing an essay about fusion bombs than say, someone who’s been focusing on art or music and never done any physics before. The same topic can be easy to one person and complex to another person.

  1. Know yourself: do you like working on a computer or with paper for essay writing? If computer, then create a folder and documents for all the research and writing materials you’re going to need. If paper, have a notebook handy and some library books about your topic for research. You can do some of both methods if you wish.
  2. Start thinking about your topic and how you want to approach it. This can vary between topics, so just start brainstorming ideas similar to your topic that you can also research.
  3. When you get to writing the essay’s rough draft, you now have all that research and ideas already figured out; you can use them to create an order and structure to the essay that joins everything back to your main topic.
  4. Try out a few of your friends for editing help. Even though you can use the spellchecker in your word processing program, it’s nice to have a second opinion.

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