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How to write a perfect academic essay on any topic

Often, students who are perfectly comfortable writing an essay on a topic they know a lot about will express anxiety over writing an academic essay on a topic they’re unfamiliar with. While this feeling is understandable, there’s really not a good rational reason to feel this way. Here’s why:

  1. The bulk of an academic essay is based on research
  2. There’s no need to have an extensive background in any topic to write an academic essay about it. Obviously, the less background in a topic the student has, the more basic their essay may need to be, but that’s okay. There’s room for all types of academic essays, including those that are fairly simple in concept. Most of what the student writes about will be taken from other sources. Even those who have a strong background in a subject will go to sources that know even more than they do, so there’s really no practical difference in writing about a topic one has studied before and one which one has not studied in the past. Simply put, quality sources contribute more to a quality academic essay than a student’s background.

  3. The student brings their own perspective

  4. All a student really need bring to the paper is:

    • Their personal perspective in the form of a thesis
    • Their writing skills

    With these two things in mind, and backed up with quality sources, a student can write a great academic essay on any topic at all. If the topic is so unfamiliar that they have a difficult time formulating a thesis, the most they need do is find a few basic texts on the subject and do a little preliminary reading. This preliminary reading will help with the research, as well, so it won’t impact their ability to complete the essay in a reasonable time frame.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

Other than quality sources, an interesting perspective, and good writing, students seeking to write exceptional essays—no matter the topic—should remember that staying well-organized and presenting an essay free of spelling and grammar mistakes is critical. By doing the above, it’s not difficult for a student to write an essay about a topic they were previously unfamiliar with. As a bonus, they will find that they are now much more familiar with a topic that they used to know nothing about!

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