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6 Great Phrases To Start Out An Essay

The primary goal is to get your reader hooked. Then over the process of the paragraphs that follow, you reel them in. Regardless of the subject, an essay is not just an essay, it can be a story. You may be arguing the merits of the latest and greatest advances in energy-efficient toilets, or your essay may be a detailed discussion of the mating ritual of the common earthworm.

Either way, you have a much better chance of earning a much better grade, if you can keep the person marking your essay awake. A great opening phrase is a great way to start. Here are six examples of some killer opening lines to start great science stories:

  1. Here she stood, where it all began.
  2. Madame Curie leaned over her books and paused, somewhat at a loss for words. Ah. “Radioactivity” she said quietly. That was the name that she would give to her new theory.

  3. Have you ever wondered....
  4. Asking your reader a question stirs their curiousity. It is a great way to grab their attention. With an opening like this, there are many ways you could pull your audience into your essay. “Have you ever wondered what the first species to be discovered and named by a human was?” “What is the first thing that happens when a nuclear bomb is detonated?”

  5. They never saw it coming.
  6. Never saw what coming? Your reader will want to know more. The Prime Minister never saw the recession looming on the horizon? The electron never saw the proton being propelled towards it? The biologists failed to recognize the signs of an ebola infection in their co-worker, recently returned from Africa?

  7. It was a grotesque sight, yet still a thing of great beauty.
  8. Perhaps you are describing a tumor being surgically removed from a child's brain. Not a pretty sight, but a pretty awesome feat if it saves a life.

  9. It was clear the star was dying.
  10. All the signs were there. After nearly 7 billion years, the star was out of hydrogen and getting ready to pass over. It could take a billion more years, maybe two. Mix it up! Give human traits and character to the non-human world. Make rocks come to life and mountains work magic.

  11. It was a dark and stormy night.
  12. Or perhaps it was sunny summer morning, when the physicist started writing the thesis that would turn the science world on it's head.

Set the scene! Create interest and drama in the opening lines of your essay, and your work (and grades!) will be all the better for it!

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