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Help me understand the keystones of writing an essay outline

An outline is an effective writing tool that can be used for every essay that you ever have to write. It is a technique that is used by all sorts of writers whether they are writing a simple blog or a novel. The idea behind an outline is to get your thoughts in a logical order so that your writing piece not only includes all of the information that you need it to but that it flows nicely as well.

An outline should not be intimidating or time consuming. If you learn how to properly use an outline, it will prove to save you a lot of time in your writing. It will also allow you to expand on your ideas and allow you to weed out topics of discussion that do not pertain to the overall thesis or point of your paper.

If we take a look at the keystones of writing an essay outline, we will easily be able to determine how to write one effectively. The five paragraph outline and essay format is a very commonly used essay format. This is the one we will discuss because it can be used on all sorts of papers and on papers of all sizes.

  • Start with a basic format on your paper.
  • Introduction: This should include your background information on your topic, an introduction on your topic, and your thesis statement. These three sections will be displayed under your main introduction topic.

    1st supporting paragraph: This is the first reason that supports your thesis and should include solid evidence to support the reason.

    2nd supporting paragraph: This is the second reason to support your thesis and it too should include solid evidence.

    3rd supporting paragraph: This is the third reason to support your thesis and will have solid evidence to support it.

    Conclusion: This will restate your thesis and supporting reasons by tying them all in together.

  • Indentations are important to keeping organization. The main ideas should be flush to the left hand side of the page and each break down should contain an indentation to separate it from the main ideas.

You may also want to add transitions sentences to your outline. This will make it a lot easier when you go to write your paper because you will have all of the main areas already accounted for. You will just have to add the detailed information to complete your essay.

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