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Voting Rights

Were you aware that if you did not own land during the time of the 13 colonies that you could not vote. And if you did own land, you had to be a white man to vote. John Adams did not want poor people to be able to vote. Thomas Paine wanted everyone to be able to vote. And of course women and African American had to wait longer to obtain their right to vote than white men had to wait.

In 1866 the Civil Rights Act granted citizenship to all native-born Americans, but did not give them the right to vote. In the 40s, laws like the Jim Crow kept some African Americans from being able to vote. When you voted in the past you had to pay a poll tax, but in 1964, Lyndon B. Johnson did away with this tax the process of voting and the rights concerning voting have changed many times. Never take the right to vote for granted. Not everyone can vote in other countries.

In 1970 Richard Nixon decide to extend the voting rights of the year 1965. And the again in 1982, Ronald Reagan decided to extend voting rights. All these changes have been enacted to keep up with the changing society. And then yea t again, in 2006 President Bush extended the voting rights for 25 years.

If you think your rights concerning voting have been compromised, the ACLU will gladly help you fight your battle. They consider themselves to be the gatekeeper for maintaining the rights of voting. Some states require photo identification in order for you to use your right to vote. The photo identification can be an identity card or a driver’s license. Those states are Kansas, Arizona, Alabama, and Texas. This is to make sure that the person who is registered is actually the person who is voting. Some states have early voting, however, North Carolina, Ohio, and Wisconsin are trying to restrict these early voting hours. Minnesota I embroiled in a lwa suit because it is trying to implement online voting and many people do not want this to happen.

Voting practices are rules have certainly changed since the Colonial times. The idea is that every American adult is allowed to place a vote for his or her particular candidate. This act of voting is one of our rights as an American citizen.

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