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A Step-by-step Guide on How to Write a Conclusion for an Essay

To acquire good grades in the essay written, it is required to draft a conclusion that is bang on. The conclusion of the research paper must briefly sum up the whole topic of the essay. It should either end provocatively or with a verbal flourish.

  1. Start with a smaller transition like the use of words such as : “In conclusion”. “Finally”, or “In the end”. Make it simple by giving a clue to readers about you ending the essay.
  2. Give a summary of main points discussed in the research paper by drafting it in 2 or 3 sentences in order to reinforce your research essay main argument and remind the reader about your issue raised in the essay.
  3. Avoid copy pasting the points exactly as discussed in the essay paper, rather summarize it briefly in few lines.
  4. Keep it short – Your conclusion must not exceed 5-7 sentences, and if it exceeds then you seem confused with the result of your essay written.
  5. Work on the essay statement by providing reference to it and your conclusion must contain the argument for the essay statement, otherwise it defeats the whole purpose of research. But avoid the restatement of essay argument as it is, rather use different words to reinforce it in conclusion.
  6. Be authoritative in providing conclusion to essay by relying on evidence collected from varied sources.
  7. End it in a high, by a well-written or perfect, relevant provocative last sentence, either reflecting irony, emotional appeal, call to action etc.

    1. What not to do?

      • Do not quote in conclusion.
      • Don’t use unnecessary words like firstly, secondly, thirdly etc in the conclusion of your essay.
      • Don’t deviate from essay topic in the draft of your conclusion.
      • Don’t provide details on minor issues for essay in the conclusion and use only the main points/ ideas to discuss and share in the conclusion.


      • Use essay statement to reinforce your opinion and views.
      • Avoid first and second person pronouns usage in the essay written.
      • Give relevant information through your essay on the essay topic.
      • Make use of proper words for drafting the essay to reflect on your views and opinions on the topic.
      • Review your conclusion with your advisor or experts for seeking feedback on changes to be made in the essay.
      • Summarize the research paper properly by being succinct and presenting your case clearly.

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