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A List of Argumentative and Persuasive Essay Topics

Argumentative and persuasive essay assignments are a great way for students to learn how to present side on a particular topic and provide evidence that shows why that side is more appropriate or correct than the other. There are thousands of topics one can easily write about. Below are just a few topics you can consider for your own paper or use as ideas to develop your own topic:

Should women who are breastfeeding be encouraged to do so in public? The alternative is asking women to use restrooms or private places to care for their infants, or to ask that they move to more private locations where their presence can go unnoticed.

Should criminals submit their information for registry, regardless of offense? Will this be a violation of rights or are civilian rights being protected by potential repeat offenders? Would this be fair for all crimes and can we really expect to find any communities where convicted criminals don’t live in?

Should men and women be treated differently in matters of child custody? When it comes to child support and custody, there is a clear gender difference in most outcomes. Should outcomes be handing down fairly without discrimination?

Should drivers be forced to reapply and retest to have a driver’s license? Would drivers be more mindful of the bad habits they often begin to develop soon after passing their first test? Would this decrease the rate of accidents?

Should people pay higher taxes or pay penalties for not recycling? As the world’s landfills get used up and more trash winds up in our oceans, is it time we begin to ask for those that don’t recycle to do their part by demanding that they at least provide financially to eco-solution programs by way of tax?

Should students have greater health food choices at school or should diets be set by the government? School lunches are expensive and because of this the government is often tied to just a few choices, but should there be greater efforts made to bring even more healthy lunches to the kids?

Should there be higher taxes on fast foods or processed foods we know are bad for people? If poor diet leads to greater healthcare costs, then why don’t we tax unhealthy foods to offset the costs of healthcare?

Should teenagers be held financially responsible for vandalism crimes? Many parents are made responsible for minor vandalism crimes committed by teenagers that are often quite capable of taking responsibility for their decisions. Should teenagers have to pay for their damages?

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