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Best science fiction short story essay topics

There are many times in college and other times in life that you may be required to write short stories. The classes that are most likely to require an essay of this nature are composition classes and creative writing courses that you may enroll in if you are either majoring in English or if the class seems like an interesting way to fulfill an elective requirement for your degree. Either way writing short stories can be very entertaining especially when the genre is science fiction. Essays of this nature are not in the least bit difficult to write. It can however be challenging to select a topic for this type of writing. In this article I will list a variety of science fiction topics that will inspire your imagination in no time.

Popular topics for science fiction are:

  • Space
  • Time travel
  • Mutation
  • Super human abilities
  • Alternate realities
  • Space travel
  • Under sea exploration
  • Aliens
  • Scientifically altered size of people (for example a man shrunk by a chemical invented in a lab)
  • Super geniuses
  • Amazing inventions

These are all topics that can easily be written about and tuned into excellent science fiction stories. The advantage of the listed topics are that they are quite broad and so could be developed into many different stories. However, I am going to take this one step further and also provide you with ten titles for science fiction stories. These will narrow things down a bit in case you are still experiencing difficulty choosing what to write.

  • Mars United: The Secret of the Red Planet
  • To the Future: The Land of Nothing
  • The Girl with Four Arms: Chelsea’s Story
  • The Fantastic Flying Cat
  • I’ll Meet Me in The Multiverse
  • Child Inventor Extraordinaire!
  • Jungle House: My Miniscule Adventure
  • Space Invaders From the Not so Beyond
  • Black-water Blues: My Almost Watery Grave
  • Escaping the Milky way

These topics can be easily confused with fantasy but the easiest way to distinguish between the two is by understanding that science fiction is exaggerated science. Any of the above mentioned topics have obvious roots in science and experiments that are performed every day in laboratories around the world. The difference is that they take these experiments and scientific facts and use them to create outrageous stories that transcend reality and make us imagine all of the possibilities scientific exploration might someday reveal to humanity.

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