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20 compelling persuasive essay topics for college

Persuasive writing can produce some of the most riveting and emotionally charged essays you will ever come across. This is because the persuasive style encourages a writer to stir up the reader’s emotions in order to convince them that a particular side in an argument is far superior to the other. To achieve that, it helps to start with a topic that naturally lends itself to that level of discourse. It should posses the following traits:

  • It should relate to current affairs in some way
  • It should be something that you yourself have strong feelings about or can channel strong feelings about so that the reader senses your authenticity
  • It should have just a dash of controversy to it so that the issue provokes strong opinions from people and holds their attention.

Here are 20 topics that fit the bill:

  1. Should conservative American states be allowed to secede?
  2. Should Marijuana remain illegal?
  3. Should birth control be freely available to all females regardless of age?
  4. Should the age of consent vary by individual and be based on intellect?
  5. Should the legal drinking age be lowered to 18?
  6. Should the space program continue to receive funding?
  7. Does the environment matter more than a defense program?
  8. Can all prisoners be rehabilitated?
  9. Do sex offenders have the right to be reintegrated into society?
  10. Does the concept of “work attire” still have any merit?
  11. Should pre-pubescent trans-gendered children be allowed to start hormone therapy?
  12. Does racism still exist?
  13. How important is individual human life in relation to collective human progress?
  14. Does human life matter more than animal and plant life?
  15. Do celebrities have the right to privacy?
  16. Should public nudity be legal in all places?
  17. How much land should be kept as a forest reserve if any?
  18. Should consumers boycott the fashion industry for the sake of its workers?
  19. The American Dream: Is upward social mobility still an attainable feat?
  20. Should the use of fossil fuels be immediately ceased worldwide?

When looking at these topics you will undoubtedly have noticed a few that you have a strong opinion about in one way or another. This makes the essay compelling as including neutral topics can lead to an essay that stays subdued from start to finish and loses readers along the way. Whatever your position is on the preceding topics, find facts, quotes, logical and emotional appeals to back it up and persuade your reader to see things through your eyes.

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