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General Rules For Creating An Excellent Narrative Essay

Writing a narrative essay can be a lot of fun. Especially, if you are comfortable thinking and writing about yourself by recalling an experience or memory you think is appropriately worth sharing with readers. This kind of assignment asks you to basically tell a story, one that brings out something personal that can make a connection with others. There are some general rules you should be aware of when creating a narrative essay. Here’s what you need to know:

The assignment should have a clear purpose.

If you are given a prompt for your narrative essay then be sure you highlight and address every requirement. If you are given the freedom of selecting your own topic it would be good to spend time planning what it is you want to write about specifically. It’s important that your paper have a clear purpose or else your readers can get confused and your letter grade will be lower than you would have liked to receive.

The paper should have a clear point of view.

Usually, this kind of paper should be written from the author’s perspective. This is the easiest approach and is what any student new to this kind of assignment should first work with in order to save him or herself from unnecessary challenges. However, for anyone who is comfortable writing from different perspectives, using the second or third person point of view can certainly work. Just be sure to remain consistent.

Use the first person pronoun from start to finish.

Since this is a personal composition assignment, the use of the first person pronoun ‘I’ is encouraged. Just don’t overdo it by starting every sentence using the first person pronoun. Vary your sentences for greater style, but be sure you stick to a consistent point of view. You should always read your work aloud to ensure you maintain the appropriate voice throughout.

Use clear and concise language throughout.

This assignment is similar to the descriptive paper in that you should use clear and concise language to “show” and not “tell” your reader. The more creative you are with your language the more your assignment takes on an authorial perspective your readers will appreciate more and take as the telling of true events instead of fiction.

Keep your content and presentation organized.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to keep your content and presentation organized throughout. Too many students make the mistakes of letting their thoughts and ideas run wild. While this is a great exercise when you are free writing or composing your first draft, you should actively rein in your thoughts when you get off topic. Develop an outline before you start writing and always revise.

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