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American optimism

Do the Americans always seem to be optimistic? There is a doubt about that, some agrees and some doesn't, in this article I will present the tow opinions.

Optimism is a character, which provides good and profit changes to people having it. Mostly Americans are seems to be those persons.

At the first, people who believe that Americans are optimistic. They believe that America is the dream land, people who immigrated to America seems to be strong, optimistic and having will to move thinking about the incidence of bad things in their life. The Americans also have not time for thinking about the wrong things that they may face, so to be optimistic is the power that they have to face challenges and triggering their goal.

Secondly, some who's think that Americans lost their optimism about their future due to several issues about inflation and unemployment high rate. They believe that crisis will affect the positive spirit they have. However, the Americans do fight the negative feeling and try to figure out solutions by themselves rather than the government.

Finally, what can be concluded that, whither were the Americans in wealth or crisis they don't give up the optimism and they always believe that "there is nothing that they can't do". The key to be an optimistic person is to feel confident, self esteem about yourself and pursue your dream until it become true. So, if the people across the world believed in that too, a huge evolutionary change will be brought by them and the world will be a better place to live in.

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