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Evidence Based Practice

Evidence based practice gives professionals in behavioral and mental health an approach that is both supportive and well established. In Evidence Based Practice promotes the use of practices that credit the use of scientifically tried and tested treatments in specific areas, The treatments are then rated according to their accuracy and precision for detailed treatments. Apart from using these treatments to promote the ones that are scientifically based, Evidence Based Practice aims to discredit and eliminate treatments that are unsafe or ineffective.

Evidence based Practice can be tailored to the needs of the patient. The practitioner can look very carefully at the Patients’ situation and preferences, personality and the symptoms that are being experienced rather than treat for a generalized condition.

The fields of study of Evidence Based Practice is based on work by Archie Cochrane, who felt very strongly that Practitioners need to base their diagnosis and treatments on decisions that in the past were based on controlled trials and experiments rather than real life situations and real patients. Cochrane felt that it was important that in order to have the answer to specific questions then specific questions needed to be asked. Working on this initiative professionals were encouraged to set up experiments that answered questions that were of use to specialized fields of study. As in any experiment, strict observations are required and findings are meticulously recorded and then catalogued. Although Evidence Based Practice is about promoting positive treatments, the catalogued treatments tend to prove what does not work effectively rather than what does.

Another positive contribution of Evidence Based Practice is its influence on classroom based learning. Instead of teachers giving the same old lecturers they have to update their knowledge on a regular basis, this encourages good practice not just from the tutors it also means that the students are encouraged to update their knowledge which can only enhance the treatment of their future patients.

The use of Evidence Based Practice was obviously one of the most scientific progressions that help professionals choose the treatment that is the most effective for their patient and the patient can receive the most effective treatment for their illness, one that is not only appropriate but is also tailored to their needs and their preferences. It gives the patient chance to take on some of the responsibility and decision making for their treatment. A treatment that is tailored to the needs of a patient rather than generalizations has got to be a positive way forward.

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