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How do you write short term commercial paper?

Two of the most important characteristics in any essay writing activity at high school or college involve the number of the words and the choice of topic. Both of these factors need to be confirmed before you undertake any planning, research or even the actual writing. If you get either or both of these factors wrong, you put yourself in a bind. You may do far too much work and the work you do will not be graded anywhere near as well as you would like. So when your teacher or professor tells you that you are to write a commercial paper, ensure that the topic you choose is one approved by those in authority. It might be that the topic is not relevant to the subject you are studying. It might be that the topic has been written about many times before and you will be well advised to choose something else.

Then we come to the number of words. Again this is a vital ingredient in the recipe of producing a successful essay and in this case a successful commercial paper. How long is your paper? How many words are required? Because not only must you adhere to this amount of text, but the amount of text will determine the layout of your paper and its content. So having established both the topic and the size, you can then go on and write your short commercial paper.

What about the topic?

Now while it is important that the topic is something you have experience or knowledge in and really want to write about, it's also important in relation to the number of words. There's a huge difference in writing a paper with 4000 words as opposed to one with 1500. Obviously you establish the number of words before you begin and with a shorter essay your choice of topic becomes even more specific. Choosing a topic which covers a vast area of information is a poor choice when it comes to a short research paper.

You need a topic for your commercial paper where you are not required to discuss a wide array of points. In fact if you can choose a single point and develop your writing accordingly, you stand a better chance of getting a much better mark. You close in on the topic. There is a wide scope within the curriculum of commercial subjects but with a short essay, aim to select a topic which concentrates on one small aspect of a large topic or on a narrow topic itself.

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