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How to Write and Structure a Narrative Paper

Narrative essays tell a story with a very straight forward point. A few different things can be considered a narrative essay including personal experiences or the experience of a close and personal friend or family member. There is always a learning experiences that lead to a point,  moral, or strong conclusion. We will not only look over writing a narrative paper; we will be discussing how to structure a narrative paper.

Writing and Structuring a Narrative Paper

  • Plot
  • Organization
  • Narration Style
  • Theme
  • Evaluation

Narrative Structure Explain

A narrative essay has to have a well-organized structure. The best way to start is using a personal first experience and build the plot from there. Decide what type of narration style will best fit the narrative essay. Think hard about which style, theme, and plot work well together. Each part of the structure is important for a different reason.

The plot of your essay is similar to Legos, when pieced together correctly you come out with a beautiful structure. This shows you just how important the plot of your essay truly is. Without a proper plot, your narrative essay would be a cluttered mess. Organization ties into the plot, a well-organized plot allows the structure to come together correctly. The narration style gives your audience an idea of what you are feeling and how the essay is being portrayed. It is like deciding what type of windows and doors to use on your new building.

Every narrative essay must have a theme, similar to the colors picked out on the building you are erecting. A bad set of colors makes the building visually unappealing, which is what we would like to avoid. This is the final touch of our narrative essay and structure. The last step is to evaluate and revise. Check to see if the plot, organization, narration style, and theme all flow together. Edit the narrative essay so that it easily flows and has an important and meaningful conclusion. The conclusion should be one of the strongest parts of this type of essay.

Writing a narrative essay can seem complicated, consider it like erecting a beautiful new structure that will mean something important to someone. The essay should be written as a personal experience and have a life lesson, or very important lesson learned, in the conclusion. The narrative should flow and should be told as a story.

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