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How to write a 5-paragraph essay: format tips

Introductory Paragraph

The introductory paragraph is always going to be extremely important. This is the section where you both give the thesis statement and you provide an outline for the rest of the paper. This is where you need to go ahead and get the attention of the reader. You need to have a hook at the end which will tie it in to the first body paragraph of the essay.

First Body Paragraph

This is the first section of your paper following the intro. It will need to have the best argument that you have and the most significant backup to your thesis statement. It should be the most obvious beginning point to your paper. Tie in to the first paragraph, the intro, with a transitional hook at the beginning. The subject, like it always should be, will be included in the first or the second sentence. This is going to have to relate to the thesis statement in the intro paragraph. The last sentence is going to need to have some method of tying in to the second paragraph in the body of your essay.

Second Body Paragraph

This is the section of the essay in the body that is going to end up having the second strongest argument for your case. It will have everything coming in second place, including illustrations, examples, etc. The first sentence might have a reverse hook that tries to tie in with the transitional hook that was in the ending of the first body paragraph. The topic needs to be in the beginning of the section, as it always does. The topic will have to be related to the thesis via the intro paragraph to the whole paper and the last sentence needs to have a tie-in to the third paragraph.

Third Body Paragraph

This is the last section of the body of your paper. It has the weakest forms of your argument. The structure should follow the same methods that you used in your other paper. Use a hook in the intro along with your main subject matter to tie this paragraph into the one that came before it. Use another hook at the ending to tie it in to the conclusion. This section is meant to convey the final major point that you will be trying to make to the reader and it will have to lead to the conclusion of the essay as well.

Concluding Paragraph

This is the final paragraph of your paper. It is very important that you use this section to both restate your main ideas and your thesis in an original way. It is also the last chance that you will have to convince the reader of the importance of what you are writing and presenting to them.

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