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Getting Scholarship Essay Winning Examples: 4 Places To Check

To apply for a college or university, students usually should add scholarship essays to their applications. It’s important to compose an excellent paper because this will greatly increase your chance to enter a desired educational institution. To succeed, it’s advisable to look at several good samples before you start writing your own paper.

Sources to Approach for Examples

  1. Your friends.
  2. If you have older friends who have already written their scholarship papers and entered colleges or universities, you may ask them whether they still have copies of their essays. Such examples should be very useful for you because they’re likely to be written properly. Also, your friends may give you some helpful tips on how to write your own paper.

  3. Academic centers.
  4. You should be able to find centers that provide students with materials and help related to academic writing in almost every town. Such a center should have scholarship paper examples that they can share with you. However, their services will cost you money, unless a center is a non-profit organization.

  5. Free online resources.
  6. There are many websites that contain information about writing essays and other academic papers. There, you should be able to find plenty of examples and download them absolutely for free. However, keep in mind that the quality of free sample papers isn’t always very high.

  7. Academic writing companies.
  8. You may also contact a professional agency that provides their customers with custom papers. It’s likely that they have many prewritten samples that they can share with you in exchange for money. Moreover, their writers and editors can help you compose your actual paper (for an additional price, of course).

Tips to Write Your Scholarship Paper

Examples won’t provide you with a full understanding of what you should include in your own essay. Remember that, first of all, you should clearly understand what the admissions committee wants to see in your paper, so pay attention to the given instructions.

As with any other paper, you may start with a hook (quotation, fact, anecdote, etc.) that will draw the attention of the reader. Make sure to connect it directly to your topic.

Don’t be shy and describe your positive sides. Try to persuade the reader that their college needs you both as a student and just as a member of their community. It doesn’t mean that you should write only about your strengths. You should also indicate your weaknesses, but mention what you do to improve yourself and overcome them.

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